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 Quality Guarantee

Quality guarantee 

•  Quality guarantee of Intelligent valves are Four (4) years

•  Quality guarantee of Filling heads are One (1) year or 200,000 times

•  After-sales service email: maintnaince@polygonchina.com 

•  After-sales service hotline:+86 400 890 1778 

Pre-sale service

Our professional sales man to explain detail function of products, solutions, features of products, and how to use those facilities etc to customers. 

On-purchase service

After signed contract by both parties, we shall send technicians to customer's site and draw up installation plan, how to place signal line, structural construction requirements and necessary equipment and construction condition, meanwhile we shall send engineers to install and adjust facilities at site. Our service team shall communicate with buyer to discuss detail issues. We shall provide site training to customers by free and teach maintainer of buyer to known & master related knowledge to solve simple hardware malfunction independently. 

After-sale service

1).  We have professional person in charge of corresponding management: who will specify specialized sales manager to visit your company for resident service, to provide customers "one station" service;

2). We have professional person in charge of after-sale service: who will assigned full-time customer service center manager to contact, communicate, coordinate with you;

3).Complaint handling: we shall reply all service complaints within 24 hours and reply final processing result within two working days;

4). Service improvement: our professional technician, customer service personnel, operation personnel and your related person to summarize the early stage of the work, proposal better solutions, and guide your workers by our technicians. 

We can provide operation manual, products specification, technical training to customers and ensure all of products quality guarantee reliable for four years after installation date.

Maintenance phone: + 86-4008901778. 

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