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Mobile Terminal PDA

Launch Date: 2015-07-25
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Product features:

1. The multistage website LPG industry service platform;"Telecoms operator model"; Product management service;
2. To create wide range LPG operation network platform, real-time control LPG consumers, cylinders, distribution process,

 filling gas records;
3. To supply high-tech & modern information management to LPG gas companies such as: expand business region,

 promote brand image, customer maintenance, daily operation by the advanced Internet of things;
4. To provide more reasonable model of humanized service to consumers on basis of the products;
5. Modernization, science and technology, scale, intensive for traditional LPG industry;
6. Consumers desire brand service & customer experience;
7. Set up LPG cylinders quality & safety traceability system.


1. It is easy to carried by workers and can contact with service center by wireless;
2. Automatic identification status of cylinders, and realize cylinders archives management;
3. Automatic identification information of consumers;
4. Intelligence summary report.


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  • 2016 - 06 - 08
    Shenzhen Gas Co., Ltd was established on Apr, 1991, annual sales volume is about 200,000 Tons, owned over 800,000 consumers. We have started to use intelligent valve and cylinder safety internet of things management system since Jun,2010. Due to the Shenzhen City government request to management LPG cylinder market as informationalized, we purchased 80,000 nos intelligent Angle valve cylinders sin...
  • 2013 - 11 - 29
    Yixing ChinaGas Energy Co.,Ltd was established on 2012, annual sales volume is about 40,000 Tons, owned over 200,000 consumers.We started to use cylinder safety internet of things management system since 2012. Hence we owned over 60,000 nos intelligent valvesand cylinder file mould and filling gas record mould. There are total 430,000 consumers in Yixing City region which including ...
  • 2013 - 11 - 29
    Yantai Huitong Gas DevelopmentCo., Ltd was established on Jul,2000, annual sales volume is 600,000 Tons, owned over 150,000 consumers.Yantai Huitong Gas start try to use intelligent valves & cloud platform on 12 gas stations since Dec,2012 after investigate & survey. Then we popularized to use intelligent valves & cloud platform for all of outlets, gas filling station and end user...
  • 2013 - 11 - 29
    Dongguan Xinhua Gas Investment Co., Ltd was established on 1997, owned 3 filling gas stations, 113 outlets and over 450,000 consumers to use LPG cylinders and 25,000 consumers to use gas pipeline, annual sales volume is over 100,000 Tons. Our major business is LPG sales; design, installation, operation & maintain of gas pipeline. We owned 6 subcompanies and over 1000 employees. We always suppl...
  • 2013 - 11 - 29
    Huludao Tengyun LPG Co., Ltd was established on Jul,2001, the major business is supply LPG cylinder to householders, restaurant, industry clients, owned "Tengyun LPG" brand and 45 LPG distribution vehicles, annual sales volume is about 8000 Tons. We have used over 90,000 nos intelligent valves to installed on our cylinders since 2015. The total LPG cylinder reflux rate increased from 32%...
  • 2013 - 11 - 29
    Qingdao Taineng Gas Group owned 2600 employees, total assets over USD7.3 billion and turnover has over USD450 Million in 2012. Our major business has LPG, natural gas, LNG, CNG for vehicles, cogeneration , Metallurgical coke , manufactured gas, fuel gas, thermal engineering, foreign trade export muti-industry and comprehensive group enterprise.We have done LPG gas business all through Qingdao city...
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