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Existing problems in LPG industry

Date: 2016-06-03
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If you are one of LPG gas company and maybe you are worriing about following problems:


1. The other gas company or person filling gas into your owned cylinders without authorization;

2. Can'nt contorl your consumers and cylinders snatched by other gas company or wholesalers;

3. Do'nt know when to checking your cylinders on time;

4. You don't know where are your consumers;

5. The cylinders have low reflux rate, which increased attrition cost of your company;

6. Consumers has lower costomer loyatly who are easy grabbed by other gas companies;

7. Your profit is less than wholesalers;

8.  The safety accidents was occurred frequently , which is difficult to define who's responsibility.


We can help you to solve about issues easily.


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