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Warmly celebrate "Internet +" China LPG industry business model change conference of 2016 was held

Date: 2016-04-15
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  The Chinese city gas association committee of LPG & Yantai Huitong gas development Co., Ltd and our company were sponsored meeting of "China LPG industry internet + business model change seminar in 2016" in the beautiful coastal city -- Yantai city on 14th, Apr, 2016. There were many directors was invited to attend this meeting such as: President of China city gas association;Deputy secretary general of China city gas association etc.


  There were many directors submitted keynote speak in this meeting such as: President of China city gas association; General Manager of Yantai Gas Ltd; Director of China LPG committee and General Manger of Polygon Ltd. They have expound LPG industry development achievement & future development direction after used "Internet +" and introduced new situation, new thinking and new opportunity after used "Internet +" business module for China LPG industry development.

 The meeting was starting from the development and status of China LPG industry, based on the latest policy and dynamic trend, adopt cutting-edge ideas and sound, through the interaction between the participants to discuss, fully affirmed the urgency and the correctness of the strategy of "Internet +", not only because of China's LPG industry development bottleneck need a breakthrough, but the trend of The Times, the development trend of Internet + Internet + contain enormous resources and technical force, the LPG consumers can enjoy Internet + technology bring convenient, as the national strategy of "Internet +" the launch of a growing number of LPG enterprises can fully enjoy the strategy to bring business opportunities.

 China LPG industry "Internet +" business model innovation seminar attracted to Tengyun LPG gas Ltd as a representative of many LPG company, all outstanding business representatives have said, the implementation of the strategy of "Internet +" in the LPG industry ripe for signal transformation and upgrading, the cylinder safety network management system played a very good demonstration of the application of the lead. China LPG industry "Internet +" the success of the business model change conference convened, indicates the strategy of "Internet +" LPG industry in China has a good implementation of landing, the basis of China's LPG industry will usher in transformation and upgrading of the overall trend of the times.


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