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Application experience exchange meeting of cylinder safety internet of things management system (int

Date: 2014-06-21
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  Polygon (Beijing) energy technology Co., Ltd was hold "Cylinder safety internet of things management system (intelligent Angle valve) application experience exchanging meeting" in Huitong gas development co., Ltd on 20th, Jun,2014. The major directors of Gas association of each provinces, Bureau of quality supervision, local gas companies from all over the China more than 100 people attended this meeting. 

  The meeting period is one day, our general manager Mr. Yongfang Du and chief engineer of Yantai city administration bureau submitted keynote speech. 

  General manager Mr. Xu Yong of Polygon (Beijing) information technology co., Ltd was shown internet function of order gas & checking by scan 2D code, and invited guests present interactive experience. 

  The meeting also held "product application experience symposium", that attracted directors of local gas (group) company to attended.
  The meeting was concluded after finish each agenda.



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