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POLYGON CHINA IN GAS & HEATING CHINA 2018The 21st GAS & HEATING CHINA 2018 was held in a beautiful Hangzhou city of China on 29th, Oct, 2018. This exhibition attracted a large number of well-known gas enterprises from all over the world to participate in the show. It has comprehensively demonstrated the brilliant achievements and advanced technologies of China's gas industry in terms of technology and equipment, providing a one-stop purchasing platform for domestic and foreign partners in the industrial supply chain services. Polygon (Beijing) Energy Technology Corp. was also invited to participate in this exhibition, showing them LPG IoT Terminal Management System and related intelligent products such as intelligent LPG cylinder valves, intelligent filling scale, int...
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China Central Television has finished shooting vedio works already. Thank you for everyone's positive teamwork.  Due to everyone's hard work, our company's corporate image and industry influence is also gradually expandingagain!    We hope everybody can keep...
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Polygon will attend 2 important Exhibitions in 2016.  1. The International Gas Technology Exchange Meeting and Exposition of Western Pacific Region in Asia (GASEX in short)   Date: 21th to 23th, Sep, 2016   Location: China National Convention Center, Beijing, China  &...
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