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The 31st World LPG Forum falls on  2-4 October 2018 in Houston of the United States.The 31st World LPG Forum was held in the World's Oil City-Houston of the United States on local time 2-4 October 2018. A large number of LPG operators and LPG equipment manufacturers from all over the world attended this forum, mainly discussing the technological application and future development of the World LPG industry.Polygon (Beijing) Energy Technology Corp., as a service provider of intelligent hardware and Internet of Things(IoT) management system, delivered a keynote speech on the theme of Polygon LPG IoT Management System & Smart Valves during the forum. The speech systematically showed...
Release Time: 2018 - 10 - 08
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If you are one of LPG gas company and maybe you are worriing about following problems:  1. The other gas company or person filling gas into your owned cylinders without authorization; 2. Can'nt contorl your consumers and cylinders snatched by other gas company or wholesalers; 3. Do'nt k...
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The Chinese city gas association committee of LPG & Yantai Huitong gas development Co., Ltd and our company were sponsored meeting of "China LPG industry internet + business model change seminar in 2016" in the beautiful coastal city -- Yantai city on 14th, Apr, 2016. There were many ...
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All staff of Polygon was attended the annual meeting of "scale, artisans, innovation" in Heat residence hotel on 15th, Jan, 2016.Our general manager Mr. Yongfang Du and all staff to participate this meeting and celebration feast, the common spent a memorable and happy day.  The a...
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Polygon (Beijing) energy technology Co., Ltd was hold "Cylinder safety internet of things management system (intelligent Angle valve) application experience exchanging meeting" in Huitong gas development co., Ltd on 20th, Jun,2014. The major directors of Gas association of each provinces, ...
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China Central Television has finished shooting vedio works already. Thank you for everyone's positive teamwork.  Due to everyone's hard work, our company's corporate image and industry influence is also gradually expandingagain!    We hope everybody can keep...
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A LPG cylinder exploded in a Hotel, Qingdao city, that 2 people died and 10 woundedAccording to information office of Qingdao city government, there were happened a explosion accident in a Hotel chain, Qingdao city on 5:00 PM, 19th, Feb, 2015 due to LPG gas explosion. There were 2 people die and mor...
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