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AUSTRALIAN PACIFIC GAS & OGC REPRESENTATIVES FOR TRADE VISIT TO POLYGON OFFICE & MANUFACTURING SITEAUSTRALIAN PACIFIC GAS & OGC representatives, accompanied by General Manager Mr. Yuanqi Wu from Hang Zhou Liqi Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. - the subsidiary company of Polygon (Beijing) Energy Technology Corp. visited our factory on Sep. 17th, 2018. On Sep. 18th, 2018, AUSTRALIAN PACIFIC GAS & OGC representatives arrived in southern Suzhou city of China and visited Suzhou Taihua Gas Co., Ltd, which is also an important customer partner of Polygon. They were warmly welcomed by Suzhou Taihua leaders and staff. The two sides come to the customer service call center and exchanged in-depth views on the application of Polygon In...
Release time: 2018 - 09 - 20
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Polygon will attend 2 important Exhibitions in 2016.  1. The International Gas Technology Exchange Meeting and Exposition of Western Pacific Region in Asia (GASEX in short)   Date: 21th to 23th, Sep, 2016   Location: China National Convention Center, Beijing, China  &...
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Polygon (Beijing) energy technology Co., Ltd was hold "Cylinder safety internet of things management system (intelligent Angle valve) application experience exchanging meeting" in Huitong gas development co., Ltd on 20th, Jun,2014. The major directors of Gas association of each provinces, ...
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China Central Television has finished shooting vedio works already. Thank you for everyone's positive teamwork.  Due to everyone's hard work, our company's corporate image and industry influence is also gradually expandingagain!    We hope everybody can keep up the good...
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