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Date: 2016-06-08
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  Shenzhen Gas Co., Ltd was established on Apr, 1991, annual sales volume is about 200,000 Tons, owned over 800,000 consumers. We have started to use intelligent valve and cylinder safety internet of things management system since Jun,2010. Due to the Shenzhen City government request to management LPG cylinder market as informationalized, we purchased 80,000 nos intelligent Angle valve cylinders since Nov,2012. We have passed technology evaluation by China gas association and obtained technology bonus at same time. After that time, we have purchased other 50,000 nos intelligent Angle valves again.


  The intelligent valves have stability & reliable function same as normal valve after we used large quantity of items. Our cylinder reflux rate was below 40% prior we used intelligent valves. It has increased to over 90% after we used intelligent valves.


  LPG gas storage


  New type of cylinders


  Yellow color 50 KGS cylinders with intelligent valve

  Bule color 15 KGS cylinders with intelligent valve



  LPG gas delivrey by trucks


Filling LPG into new cylinders with intelligent valve




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