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Dongwan Xinhua Gas Investment Co., Ltd

Date: 2013-11-29
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  Dongwan Xinhua Gas Investment Co., Ltd was established on 1997, owned 3 filling gas stations, 113 outlets and over 450,000 consumers to use LPG cylinders and 25,000 consumers to use gas pipeline, annual sales volume is over 100,000 Tons. Our major business is LPG sales; design, installation, operation & maintain of gas pipeline. We owned 6 subcompanies and over 1000 employees. We always supplied quality, reliable and clean gas and provided one time free safety check each year. All of consumers could call 96123 to order our gas at any time.



Storage & transportation vehicles


  Filing LPG into cylinders


  New 15 KGS cylindes with intelligent valves


  Filling gas into 50 KGS cylinders with intelligent valves


  Storage warehouse


  Delivery gas by trucks


  Delivery gas by Workers


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