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Qingdao Taineng Gas Group

Date: 2013-11-29
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Qingdao Taineng Gas Group owned 2600 employees, total assets over USD7.3 billion and turnover has over USD450 Million in 2012. Our major business has LPG, natural gas, LNG, CNG for vehicles, cogeneration , Metallurgical coke , manufactured gas, fuel gas, thermal engineering, foreign trade export muti-industry and comprehensive group enterprise.

  We have done LPG gas business all through Qingdao city and import natural gas into Qingdao urban from SINOPEC on 2002. We realized supply double gas resource both from SINOPEC & PetroChina. Hence we owned 890,000 gas pipeline consumers and 80,000 LPG cylinder consumers.


  Filling LPG gas machines

  Filled gas cylinders


    Warehouse of new cylinders





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