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Date: 2013-11-29
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Yixing ChinaGas Energy Co.,Ltd was established on 2012, annual sales volume is about 40,000 Tons, owned over 200,000 consumers.We started to use cylinder safety internet of things management system since 2012. Hence we owned over 60,000 nos intelligent valvesand cylinder file mould and filling gas record mould. There are total 430,000 consumers in Yixing City region which including 120,000 consumers to use pipeline natural gas after 10 years developed and LPG consumers over 300,000 total.

There are about 70% LPG cylinders in Yixing City reached using life according to survey data show in 2012. In order to solve those potential risk cylinders, the government and gas companies proposal the solution:"government setup stage, enterprise assistant, extend service, improve level ".


1. "Government setup stage" means government of Yixing city issue fiscal subsidies to all of citizen and call upon them to

  replace expired LPGcylinders. Meanwhile government invite qualified gascompanies to join it by public biddings and

  announcement it to all of citizen standardizedmanagement gas market.

2. "Enterprise assistant" means gas company must establish "Traceability system of products & service quality responsibility",

  which can satisfiedwith request of supervision by government.

3. "Extend service" means gas company must extend their service to end users and proposal service promise: delivery gas

  to your home within30 minutes, one time free safety check each year.

4. "Improve level" means gas company must improve their informatization management. Hence Yixing ChinaGas Energy Ltd., Co

  has usedintelligent Angle valves, cylinders file mould, filling gas mould andrealized system management of LPG business

  whole process supply chainunder leading of ChinaGasGroup.


Yixin gas.jpg

    Green color LPG cylinders with intelligent valves

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